Monday, November 20, 2017

In Time and the end of the year

Since I arrived in France over 2 years ago, I have been non-stop working on my art.  I created two unsuccessful series of work - unsuccessful meaning, they didn't make any sense to me in the end. There were some people that liked the pieces and I admit, I had a grand time creating them but after I looked them over carefully several times and over time, I realized they were not true to me at all and I had no idea what I was saying with them and a lot of the pieces were shit, plain and simple.

I went back to what I do "best" - deal with my inner "stuff" by creating fairy tale-type narratives and portraits. Hence, the 2 bodies of work "Rêves et Souvenirs" and "Ode to Pictoralists" came into being and as I was completing a piece that was blurring the lines of the 2 series, I said to myself that I wanted to take this into a color direction. I have always admired the work of Maggie Taylor with her whimsical Alice in Wonderland collages and other contemporaries that are also using digital collage in a creative manner, I, too wanted to try and go that direction.

However, adding color by a photographer that mainly worked exclusively in black and white (or at least mono-chromatically) has proved to be a huge challenge. If the color jumped out at me too much, I toned it down. And as much as I want a somewhat surreal look to the work, I don't want a Pop-Art feel to it at all. And as the work continues to be about my dreams, memories and emotions, none of them are in full saturated color. So, I can only hope that these work. I believe they do and I am pleased with them.

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So, here it is, almost the end of 2017 and as my life continues to settle here (amidst some stressful circumstances), I am very happy to say that my two constants have been my amazing husband and my ability to never stop creating art, whether bad or good. I am good with that.

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