Monday, January 29, 2018

Pour Nous Les Femmes


Ce post sera en français parce qu'il s'agit d'un article qui a été écrit par un auteur, une photographe et un art thérapeute. L'article explique mon histoire et les origines de mon travail. Je vous invite à le lire.Merci beaucoup!

AnnMarie Tornabene - Ou la reparation de soi par la photographie quand le vilain petit canard devient cygne

Friday, January 26, 2018

Women, Feminism, Solidarity

I have hesitated creating this post for a few reasons. One, this blog has never really been about any political statements nor will they be after this but I felt it a necessary time to post it. Two, my opinion, especially now, is not really popular so perhaps, I will lose some friends along the way but I feel I must write this and can only hope this is understood in that, as with anything, there is no black and white. There is tonality. There is a scale of 1-10 with other numbers in between and women and men are far too complex to look at in extreme terms. However, this post is not really fact but more my opinion after living for almost 49 years and seeing things that have happened not only to me, but other women I know.

Feminism, according to the Oxford Dictionary definition: The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

First off, we are not equal. We never will be. Women are the superior gender biologically. We can handle pain better - physically and emotionally, bear a child, be nurturers by nature, natural organizers, multi-taskers among other things. So why do we say equal all the time? It will never exist which is why man and woman are created and wired differently.

Putting aside the real political issues of equal pay and sexual harassment in the work place which are topics that have too many hands in the pot to solve easily, this post is about something different.

So let's put aside blaming men here and think about what women really mean by solidarity.

I wrote in the past about women judging and hurting each other based on their looks. A woman commented on Facebook about a photograph of me, that it would be beautiful if I didn't have the turkey neck.

Well, the judging aspect woman-to-woman gets uglier when it comes to spreading the terms "feminism" and "women's rights" around because, generally, when women talk about it, it's through their personal beliefs and rarely can take an objective or opposite view. 

Yes, women should have the right to work where they want, march where they want, and feel free to say what they want without getting persecuted for it but there is another side. Women have the rights to do anything including what many women feel are not in the popular belief system.

Women have the right to be stay-at-home moms. Some choose to.
Women have the right to be a housewife. Some choose to.
Women have the right NOT to vote. Some choose to.
Women have the right NOT to march in a protest. Some choose to.
Women have the right to NOT become politically involve, in general. 
Not ALL women feel they are feminists. 
And above all, Women ALSO need to take responsibility for THEIR words and actions and how that can also affect others. 

But these are things that anger and appall some women because, in their minds, it goes against the grain of what they are fighting for. There are millions of women out there from all over the, at least Western world that are fortunate enough to speak up and exercise their rights and we have our goals that we can achieve and the ability to live our lives to live the way WE choose. Those are still our rights, too. 

So the idea of women feeling free to say what they want without getting persecuted for it but then those women being bullied by those decisions is being done by other women....Wait.....that doesn't make sense, does it?